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CAN I SEE THROUGH a flexsuit ?

Yes, but don't try to drive a truck at night with it! You can see out clearly, but people will not recognize your face. You're vision will be sufficient to enjoy a music festival, go to a footballgame look at your favorite band on stage, look at the people around you, and even do kitesurfing! And if you do not wan't to wear it over your head, you can wear the whole suit and just tuck in the headpiece, you will still look awesome.


Yes, the flexible lycra-material allows you to easily breathe through. You can also wear the FLexSuit without the headpiece. See our video for more information.

CAN i DRINK through A flexsuit ?

Yes you can easily breathe through a flexsuit and even drink your favorite juice, but try to avoid pulp... you can imagine why... The Flexsuit is thin and very breathable.

Can I use IT Again ?

Yes, you sure can. FlexSuit is thin but resistant, it'll be no problem to wear it as long as the size still fits and that you still like the color. You can even throw it in the dishwasher! Wash FlexSuits at 30 degrees.

Do I have to be FIT to wear one ?

Having a FlexSuit is all about fun and party! Wear it anyway you want, no one will recognize you and they all think that you'll be the coolest guy in town! 

can i buy one if I live abroad ? 

There is absolutely no problem. We ship worldwide because we want to see you wearing your FlexSuit proudly all over the world!

Can i ZIP & unzip the FLEXsuit MYself?

It's easy to zip it up by yourself, in a few seconds you'ill be able to rock the town!

Also unzipping your Flexsuit is no problem... However, if you find someone attractive you might want to ask her/him to unzip it for you !are there pockets in the suit ?

Are there pockets in a flexsuit?

There are no pockets in a FlexSuit. As a FlexSuit is a fancy party suit, the purpose is not to have the world with you. but we do understand that it can be nice to have some money and your phone with you so the best advice we can give you is, a small side bag, such as a backpack or if you want to travel light use your socks and shoes! 


Hell Yeah. And more than you think! You will be in the middle of every picture, and please share the picture on our FaceBook Fan Page! We love to see you with your FlexSuit!

how should I dress under a FLEXsuit ?

Feel free to wear whatever you want, but as the FlexSuit is skinny a pair of tight pants is better! You can easily fit a T-shirt or sweater underneath.

CAN I Wash IT ?

The party was too wild yesterday and you've got orange juice all over the FlexSuit? The best thing to do is hand wash it in cold water and then line dry. Do not bleach or iron. Wash FlexSuits at 30 degrees.


We strongly advise you NOT to swim with a FlexSuit! The Lycra material will become less breathable. DO NOT SWIM in a FlexSuit!

Additional questions ?

Feel free to contact us online and we will answer as quickly as possible!